Info in English

Please note: currently only a Dutch version is available. It is possible to play the escape room if you are confident in understanding the Dutch language.

The challenge

MasterMind is an interactive game in which a group of teachers are placed in a room and have to unravel a mystery within 60 minutes. By searching for keys, codes and instructions, and by solving puzzles and riddles you’ll get closer in completing the mission. Step into another world where nothing is what it seems and everything can be something. 

Road to success

  • Good cooperation and communication are the most important keys for a successful escape
  • The game requires the utmost concentration and active involvement from all participating teachers
  • Examine and carefully search for instructions
  • Share your findings with your teammates
  • Do not solve one puzzle with the whole group, divide the tasks
  • Be guided by the story and the routing of the room and be creative
  • Celebrate small achievements together, this will lead you to victory

Contact us if you are interested in playing this game with your team, we’ll keep you posted whenever the room has been restructured.